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Please ensure that when you submit an article, you cite all the resources you have used with the Harvard referencing style. These resources include images you have used. 

You will need a reference list, and bibliography

Harvard Referencing Style

Reference List

A reference list is a list of sources in the order of how it appears in your article. You should refer to these sources within your article by using square brackets, and a number. For example the first area you used a source should be followed by a [1]. You should then create a list of what sources these numbers correspond to at the end of an article (the reference list) in numerical order.


Lots of kids have 104 days of summer vacation [1]. Unfortunately snow melts melts in the summer [2]{… etc}


[1] Phineas and Ferb (2007)

[2] Olaf (2013)



As you can see, you should still refer to all sources, even if you don’t use its exact wording.




A bibliography comes at the very end (after the reference list), and it follows the following formats. The bibliography should also have authors in chronological order according to their last names. 


For electronic resources:

Name of author, Year of publication, Name of article, site you got it from 


(You can often find information on how sites want you to cite their information within the page itself)


Potter H. (December 1998), A Seekers Guide To Quidditch. [online] Available at:

For book resources:

Author or Authors, Year of publication, Name of book, Edition where necessary, Publisher


Stark T. (2008), An Engineer’s Guide to Building an Arc Reactor, 5th Edition, Marvel Books

For photo resources

Image from: Where you sourced the image from



Image from:

When you've finished your article, email it to

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