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SCIENTIA encourages the whole community to understand the significance of science beyond the classroom and to exploit their scientific curiosities in a platform that can be shared with others. With its interdisciplinary approach, SCIENTIA is the junction between scientific logic and artful creativity. We accept any submission that relates to any of the 3 branches of the Natural Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), or the Formal sciences (Computer Science, etc.) whether it be in the form of a technical paper or a poem.


Have you ever had a decisive view on the ethics behind certain scientific discoveries? This is the perfect opportunity to express that opinion.


Our goal is to collect a diverse range of scientific perspectives, from both students and teachers. 

How can you get involved?

Scuba Diver and Corals

1) Discover your passion

Visit the home page to explore the latest science news, as well as to find inspiration from previous submitters. 

Bright Idea Bulb

3) Construct 

Create your own content using your collated ideas.

Office of a web design company

5) Witness your work

After review, we will publish your work onto the home page of this site to share to the rest of the scientific community


2) Decide on a format

From these ideas, you can produce work of any form - from creative stories to opinion columns. We do not place any limits on your imagination!

Sea Turtle

4) Submit

Submit your completed work to via email, or by using the 'contact us' section on this site.

Ready to Get Published

6) Get your work Published

If your work makes the 'Top 10 Highlights', it will be published into a SCIENTIA professionally printed magazine.

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