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Asclepius & Modern Medicine 

Healthcare is full of antiquity. Humans have always become ill and turned to wise men and women as well as the divine to help them out of their physical and mental dilemmas. Recognise these symbols? 

Screen Shot 2564-01-08 at 17.23.59.png

The golden aspect of the symbol to the left actually represents Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine. Although the adoption of Christianity resulted in a decline in ancient Greek religion, some aspects of the religion still left some imprints. One of which was the role of Asclepius who symbolises health care in our modern world. Is this similarity coincidental? If we take a step back and delve into the mythological history of Asclepius and his influences on ancient and modern medicine, you will perceive that the uncanny resemblance is no fluke. 

The Myth of Asclepius 


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