traditional farming method Dependent on the moon phases

Farming by the moon cycle is a form of farming which relies on the lunar cycle to determine the season, dates and times throughout the year to plant and harvest crops. This is a traditional method that has been used for centuries in various parts of the world, particularly in China. By following the lunar cycle, farmers can achieve maximum yield and less impact.

How does the lunar cycle work?

Lunar Cycle Farming relies on the gravitational forces from the Moon to the Earth. Throughout the cycle, this force changes depending on the movement of the Moon around the Earth, leading to various outcomes and plant behaviour, for instance:

  • Plants absorb more water during full moons and new moons.

  • Plants absorb oxygen during a new moon.


During full moon and new moon, the gravitational pull from the moon is the greatest. This causes water molecules to travel up to the surface of the soil, resulting in greater water content. Consequently, more plants can absorb water in this period, which leads to greater growth. This phenomenon is particularly useful for seed germination and growth, where water supply is vital. On the other hand, plants absorb more oxygen during new moon due to barometric pressure changes. In this case, with a greater supply of oxygen, plants’ metabolic rates increase; therefore, an increase in growth rate.

Ultimately, the benefit gained mainly revolves around the growth of plants. By following the Lunar Cycle, farmers can achieve optimal farming periods and the greatest yield possible.

values of lunar farming

While Lunar Farming may enhance crop yield, there are also more benefits to this method of farming.

The benefits of Lunar Farming include:

  • Reducing demands for energy consumption

  • More efficient use of soil

  • Can be used in biological and horticultural (agricultural) research

  • Can also be applied to medicine and cloth manufacturing

Due to the continuously developing technology and knowledge, artificial methods have been integrated into practically everything – including farming. Despite the unbelievable benefits the integration of newer technology has provided, it is undeniable that many undesirable consequences surface as a result. The role of Lunar Cycle farming within agriculture is unclear – whether it would continue to be used alongside the brand-new technology, or this method will slowly disappear along with time.



Article Written By

Yunnan Dumnernchanvanich,

Year 12 Student from Bangkok Patana School